About Us

Our company

Lesmak d.o.o. was created in order for every woodworker to be able to find an amazing machine that is strong, reliable and above all affordable. 

We strive to create an offer that will open up the woodworking industry for a new revolution. We are currently providing our clients with the incredible KDT machines that in recent years experienced the highest growing rate among all major equipment providers! 

Since our founding we have provided all of our clients with: 

  • Top quality products that will yield the highest and best quality results
  • Best customer service and support in the process of using the machines
  • All education material and detailed instructions 

Our team

Our incredible team is constantly searching for new methods and ways to present the machines that will change the way the woodworking industry functions, so stay tuned and let us guide you through a new era in our industry. 

Don't forget to check back with us for sales and news!