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Are you looking for a powerful, accurate and at the same time affordable cutter for your workshop? We are sure that our offer includes a CNC saw that will meet your wishes and needs. If you are looking for a quality automatic circular saw, Lesmak is the right answer for you. We represent, sell and service automatic cutting machines of KDT, which is a leading Chinese company in the field of technology for surface processing of furniture.


Are you looking for a router for your carpentry workshop? The KDT KS-832C/842C automatic circular saw is suitable for mass production according to its characteristics, and the price is affordable even for smaller carpentry workshops. The robust construction gives it stability, which reduces vibrations and enables fast movements. In the cutting area, it ensures high-quality cutting of more sensitive materials and easier movement of heavier workpieces. An additional solution that makes work easier for the user is the possibility to move the work table left and right. Automatic adjustment of the height of the saw according to the height of the workpiece allows for the best cut quality. Due to the quick and easy change of the circular saw blade, the automatic circular saw is even more efficient. The KDT cutters are equipped with classic industrial personal computers and the Windows operating system, which are stable, affordable and easy to maintain.


Do you need a slicer for use in larger production? The automatic cutting machine DT KS -842 LL is suitable for larger industrial plants, as it will enable easier processing and greater utilization of time. Because it has higher productivity than classic saws, it is more suitable for industrial use. In addition to the features listed in the above paragraph, the automatic loading table also enables easier and faster loading of panels. Loading of packages is possible from the left, right or rear side with the help of motorized rollers that move the packages of panels into the machine. The automatic circular saw is robust, accurate, perfectly equipped with enviable software and a very affordable price for every carpenter! Contact us and we will be happy to help you and advise you which CNC saw is right for you.

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