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For small carpenters or large production - in the Lesmak offer you will definitely find the right solution for your needs! Two operations in one machine - the CNC milling machine offers you both cutting and vertical drilling. Step into the future of furniture manufacturing and production automation with the help of CNC nesting machines in our offer. Classic CNC machines, despite the changing trends, still remain one of the main machines in every production. Trends in the field of furniture production include CNC nesting machines, which with a combination of cutting and drilling are the first step towards automating the production process. In today's market conditions, where the amount of work often changes, automation is the best solution for successful companies.

Nesting technology enables the cutting of various shapes and the maximum utilization of the treated panel. The CNC milling machine with the help of modern software also enables easy preparation with barcodes and labels. A modern clay milling machine thus helps relieve work processes, simplify the work process, increase the productivity of production and improves the quality of machining, moreover, it shortens the production time and enables the production of more demanding products. In our offer you will find a CNC milling machine from the prestigious Chinese manufacturer KDT, which is a leading company in the field of technology for surface processing of furniture. This plaster milling machine is characterized by high precision and speed of processing, productivity and flexibility, simple superstructure with transport devices and a very affordable price. The biggest advantage of the CNC nesting machine from the company KDT is in the cutting, because with an exemplary tool, it enables high-quality fast processing even at 25m/min.

Do you want to complete your work faster and with the best possible quality? Despite the rich offer on the market, we believe that the KDT CNC milling machine is the right choice for you. You will be convinced by its reliability, quality, ease of use and affordable price. Contact us and we will happily help you find a solution that will meet all your wishes and needs.

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CNC Nesting machine KDT KN-3710D  is a three-axis CNC machine from the prestigious Chinese manufacturer KDT with a development department in South Korea.CNC's KDT machining center has a flat matrix worktable designed for so-called nesting processing, which is becoming more and more relevant even for smaller carpenters who want to optimize and automate the...