Automatic Beam Saw KDT KS - 842 LL

Top quality automatic beam saw manufactured by KDT, which is intended for larger industrial plants, where they need a machine with greater time utilization and easier processing.

The beam saw has an automatic loading table with a usable height of 550 mm, which allows us to load panels more easily and quickly.

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Product Inquiry

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The KDT KS 842 L beam saw is intended for industrial use, as it has higher productivity than classic beam saws. At the back it has so-called automatic loading table with 550 mm usable height. Panels packages can be loaded from the left, right or rear of the cutter with motorized rollers that move the pack of panels into the machine. The maximum thrust height of the workpieces is 120 mm.

Robust construction that reduces vibrations and enables fast movements. The machine is distinguished by servo drives for the saw aggregate for maximum acceleration and deceleration and quick return of the aggregate to the initial position. Not just speed - the air table in the cutting area enables high-quality cutting of more sensitive materials and easier sliding of heavier workpieces. It has a controlled NC side presser that is faster than conventional pneumatic pressers. A magnetic strip ensures high accuracy of 0.1 mm.

Entrance air tables allow easy sliding of workpieces. The possibility of moving the work table left and right is an additional solution that can make the user's work easier.

The height of the saw blade is automatically adjusted according to the height of the workpiece. This enables the optimal height of the saw blade regardless of the height of the workpiece and consequently the best quality of the cut. The quick change of the circular saw blade improves the efficiency of the saw itself.

While most reputable manufacturers install expensive touch screens, KDT cutters are equipped with classic industrial PCs with the Windows operating system, which are very stable, affordable and easy to maintain, and above all, friendly to the wallet in case of breakdowns. Efficient machine management is ensured by the powerful, user-friendly KDTsoft software, which also includes effective cut optimization and good yield.

Data sheet

Cutting height
120 mm
Maximum sawing dimension
4300 x 4300 mm
Number of pneumatic grippers
Sawing speed
1 - 95 m/min
Saw unit feed rate
1 - 120 m/min
Pomik mostu s kleščami
Barcode printer
Independently adjustable pre-cut
7000 kg
Saw blade dimension
450 mm
Pre-cut dimension
200 mm
Lifting table load capacity
4000 KG
Main engine power
18,5 kW
Engine power pre-cut
1,5 kW
Number of air tables with rollers